How You Benefit
Cookery Demonstration Theatre Kitchens
Increase Sales, Footfall and Customer Satisfaction

Sales & Footfall

We have seen some product uplifts of a staggering 500%. This, coupled with the increased footfall these events naturally generate, means that your store or event will see an overall increase in sales.
By analysing sales records from the previous week against the week of the in-store demonstrations we see a percentage uplift across the board on all items demonstrated.

You may have a new product or service you wish to promote. Our events are a great way to market them.

 We can structure recipes around these products and run advertising campaigns on our high definition screens Brand the kitchen with all the logos you need.

Customer Satisfaction

You only have to see the crowds around one of our demonstrations to see that your customers will love these events.

The smell of fresh food and the entertainment the chef provides all make for a great day out.

Be it in-store or at showcase events customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Satisfaction = contented and loyal customers and clients. Customers love value for money and they are getting this for free.

We offer a ‘turnkey’ hire service for our cookery demonstration kitchens. Our equipment is second to none.

Why Hire our Demonstration Kitchens?

professional cookery demonstration kitchens Hire

We are the UK’s premier hirer of cookery demonstration kitchens

We have over 20 years experience in this field.

 We have completed over 500 in-store and event cookery demonstrations on our own in house designed and built cookery demonstration kitchens.

We offer a range of hire packages for all our demonstration kitchens. Prices start at £1125 per day with discounts for multi days hire. When you hire a kitchen from us you get much more than the kitchen. We are here to assist you from A to B.
Our Cookery Theatre Kitchen and Demo-Station™ units are available to hire for any event, from in-store demonstrations to food festivals anywhere in Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.
Hire charges from £1125 including all chef equipment, Food Standard Agency approved hand wash sink and set-up. We have a set delivery and collection charge of 0.45 pence per mile. We find that this is the fairest way to cover this cost. We offer discounts for multi unit/day bookings.

We understand that organising an event is time-consuming enough, without worrying that the equipment you order will not be up to scratch. That is why when you hire a a demonstration kitchen from The Cookery Theatre Company you can be confident that it will:

  • Be delivered on time.
  • Be reliable – we use only top-of-the-range kitchen appliances and audio/visual equipment.
  • Include all the utensils that a professional chef could possibly requir

We Are the Uks Premier Hirer Of cookery demonstration kitchens

The Cookery Theatre Company