10 Nov 2013

Sainsbury’s Demo Kitchen and Try Team

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Sainsbury’s Demo Kitchen and Try Team
An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – After tasting the warmed Zari apple ‘mulled’ juice from Sainsbury’s Try Team I am convinced, more than ever, the merits of this saying.
The fresh juice instantly gave me a feeling of wellbeing. I am sure that any winter cold that was heading in my direction was instantly ‘zapped’ away.

“Where did you try this miracle potion?” I hear you ask. I was down at the Southend Festive Craft and Gift Show at the Southend Tennis and Leisure Centre, Garon Park, Southend, Essex.

The event is running over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November 2013.

Centre stage at the event you will find Liz and Kate from Sainsbury’s Try Team. They are working on Sainsbury’s Demonstration Kitchen producing some wonderful dishes featuring their specially grown Zari apples.
These apples are the best of English produce, grown especially for Sainsbury’s by A C Goatham on their orchard in Kent www.zariapples.com

Why not take a trip down and try the warming juice, along with sticky Taste the Difference Freedom pork sausages with Zari apples in a mustard sauce or the caramelised Zari apple and raspberry pudding.

You really can live well for less at Sainsbury’s. For more information and recipes go to sainsburys.co.uk/livewellforless

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