Recipe Development

  • Recipie-DevelopmentPlanning an event at a specific time of year?
  • Want to include specific ingredients?
  • Interested in promoting seasonal produce?
  • Trying to appeal to a specific type of customer?
  • Wanting to showcase a particular product new to the market?

Our recipe development team can create recipes that will help to increase demand for your products. For example you might want the chef to create a romantic meal for Valentine ’s Day, focus on vegetarian recipes, show quick and tasty ideas using beef, pork, lamb or chicken. Make meals using a wok, cook healthier versions of well-loved dishes, promote your range of blenders and mixers…. the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your requirements, our team will create specific recipes for producing restaurant quality food. These exciting, tasty, visually attractive dishes will be tailored to your specific audience so that you can capitalise on the demonstration by having the products required to recreate the dishes nearby.

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