Demo Kitchen Hire – Food Festivals

Live cookery demonstrations are perfect for festivals and exhibitions.

Food festivals and exhibitions are some of the most popular days out in the country. People love to see and taste local and artisian products and produce. What better ways are there to promote these wonderful foods than to have exciting and enjoyable live chef demonstrations creating mouth watering dishes using these fine ingredients?

We are here to assist you in providing the best cookery theatre packages available. Whether you are looking to hire a demonstration kitchen or full cookery theatre packages we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get exactly what you require.

Both our Cookery Theatre Kitchens and Demo-Station™ mobile cookery demonstration kitchens will capitalise on the excitement already generated by such events. The benefits of a live cookery performance include:

  • Promoting local products and producers
  • An exciting event experience
  • Uplift in food sales
  • Increased attendances
  • Marketing innovative products
  • Proven feel-good factor for customers and staff
  • Encourages staff/customer integration
  • Media Capabilities
  • Mobility of Demo-Station™ kitchens on site

To see how The Cookery Theatre Company’s™ packages will benefit your festival or show please contact us

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