Areas of Use – Can You Benefit from Cookery Demonstrations?

There are a multitude of businesses and organizations that will benefit from incorporating live cookery theatre and chef demonstrations to their brand or event.

  • Are you a school or college looking to promote health eating or cooking on a budget?
  • Are you a food retailer wanting more than food sampling?
  • You may a food manufacturer or distributor with new food lines that require exposure to the market.
  • Are you a professional chef looking to branch out into cookery demonstrations?

You may be and events or marketing company looking to add another dimension to your repotoire of services.

If so our Cookery Theatre Kitchens and Demo-Station mobile demonstration kitchens are ideal for a wide variety of applications, events and campaigns.

Below is a list of some of the more common areas of use for our demonstration kitchens and cookery demonstrations – please click on a choice to learn more about that application.

To find out more how we can maximise your events or organisation’s potential – please click the button below to email us directly:
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