Our Kitchens

What do we offer?

We hire two different designs of demonstration kitchens for live cookery events. Our Cookery Theatre Kitchen is aimed at larger events were audiences my be seated in front of the demonstration area. The Cookery Theatre Kitchen is ideal for use with an event compere and a number of chefs.

Our Demo-Station kitchens are aimed at in-store events and the more intimate cookery demonstrations.

Why are our Demo-Station kitchens unique?

We are the only company that provides a full cookery theatre package using our unique Demo-Station™ kitchens.

The Cookery Theatre Company’s™ Demo-Station™ kitchens are different from other demonstration kitchens you may have seen. Ours are custom-built using stainless steel, Corian and solid wood work surfaces and top of the range equipment.

Other demonstration kitchens are generally domestic kitchens that are assembled on site to face the audience. They require industrial power outlets, separate staging, separate PA systems and camera operators etc. They take a full day to set up by a team of stagehands and require a large amount of floor space. Whilst suitable for large events they are totally impractical and too costly for in-store events or road-shows.

Our Demo-Station™ kitchens require less than 2.5 square metres of floor space; the set up time can be under 60 minutes. All the audio and visual systems are built into the kitchens.

They can operate from a standard 13-amp double plug socket.

This means that we can keep our costs down and we can set up in store or at your location with minimum disruption.

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