How You Benefit – Increase Sales, Footfall and Customer Satisfaction




  • It is a proven fact that sales of both demonstrated food products and other lines (including home-ware) will increase on the days of the demonstrations and beyond.
  • By analysing sales records from the previous week against the week of the in-store demonstrations we see a percentage uplift across the board on all items demonstrated.
  • We have seen some product uplifts of a staggering 500%. This, coupled with the increased footfall these events naturally generate, means that your store or event will see an overall increase in sales.


  • More people in your store or at your event are what we aim to achieve.
  • Everyone loves to watch a cookery demonstration and participate in food tastings.
  • The popularity of these events will always attract the public to your location.
  • Increased footfall equals higher sales and attendances.
  • The more people you engage with, the greater the opportunities to foster long-term client loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase sales and customer satifaction

Increase sales and customer satifaction

  • You only have to see the crowds around one of our demonstrations to see that your customers will love these events.
  • The smell of fresh food and the entertainment the chef provides all make for a great day out.
  • Be it in-store or at showcase events customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Satisfaction = contented and loyal customers and clients.
  • Customers love value for money and they are getting this for free.

Marketing Opportunities

  • You may have a new product or service you wish to promote.
  • Our events are a great way to market them.
  • We can structure recipes around these products and run advertising campaigns on our high definition screens
  • Brand the kitchen with all the logos you need.

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