19 Nov 2013

Help support Carol McGuinness

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Carol and Tommy McGuinness, through their love of Leeds United, have been at the forefront of the Bradford Branch of the Leeds United Supporters Club. That love affair has lasted over 30 years.
Whilst most fans may say they have supported their club for a lifetime, Carol and Tommy have sacrificed a lifetime ensuring that thousands of Leeds United supporters have been able to watch Leeds United play; no matter where or when that may be.
They have, we have estimated, been the reason that Leeds United fans from Yorkshire and beyond have travelled to over 1500 Leeds United games. To put this into perspective, that’s enough people to fill Wembley Stadium.
Carol and Tommy have done this without favour or return. They spend all their spare time running the Branch. Carol and Tommy, along with other branches of the LUSC, are mainly responsible for why, on a cold winter’s night, thousands of Leeds fans are at ‘far-flung grounds’ to support Leeds United and their players.
Our wish is that we are writing this to ask you to stand up and applaud Carol and Tommy for their commitment and dedication. Unfortunately this will have to wait, as the reason for this message is to ask for your support.
Carol McGuinness has been diagnosed with a Schwannowa brain tumour. She needs an operation and fast. Even during this worrying time Carol and Tommy are still organising and running the Supporter’s Club; not wanting to let anyone down.
Well, it’s now time to support them. We need your help, whether you know Carol or not. Football fans everywhere will understand why people like Carol and Tommy are the lifeblood that ensure football clubs survive.
Do the football clubs know this? Probably not. The Carol’s and Tommy’s of this world do all this without recognition or thanks. That’s just how that they like it. They do it for the love or their club. We are not just appeallng to Leeds fans and other football supporters but also to Leeds United Football Club, past and present players and to all the football clubs who have benifitted from all the supporters Carol and Tommy have arranged to travel to their grounds.
They ask for nothing, so we, their friends, ask on their behalf. We need to raise as much money as we can to help pay for Carol’s operation and post operative care.
Please donate all you can. Donations can be made via the donate button. Please also link up with the Twitter and Facebook accounts we have started. Re-tweet and ‘Like’ as much as you can.
We are also running a race and fund raising night at the Central Club in Bradford on the 6th of December. We are seeking items for the raffle and auction.
Please help all you can.

Marching on Together.

The Friends of Carol McGuiness.

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