Design and Fabrication Service

Design-and-Fabrication-Demo-KitchenDemonstration Kitchen Design and Build

Are you looking to purchase a demonstration kitchen for your company, campaign or in-store event? Do you need a specific design and style.

No other company has been through the design and development process like us. We started 15 years ago with a decorators table, table cloth and single ringed hob.

We have produced a number of demo kitchens, initially we adapted domestic kitchen units, then freestanding units. We now fabricate bespoke units based on stainless steel frames, clad with Di-Bond sheets. We use Corian and solid block-wood tops cut to our requirements.

We fit top quality PA systems, linked to radio head sets.

Our kitchens have their own built in electrical safety systems.

We have connected the viewing monitor to an overhead HD camera to give your audience a birds eye view of the cooking hob and preparation area.

The TV monitor can also be used as information point showing adverts, promotions and recipes.

Our experience in this field is second to none. Our kitchens are trusted by Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco’s, Booths, Sainsbury’s to name a few.

We offer free advice and ideas if you are thinking of purchasing a cookery demonstration kitchen.

We can build whatever you require from small tasting stations to full blown cookery theatre kitchens.

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